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Found in Thyme, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit farm sanctuary that specializes in welcoming disabled, neglected, senior and special needs barnyard animals. Our mission is to provide every animal placed on our farm with a soft and loving place to land ensuring that they receive the proper care and treatment that they deserve. Found in Thyme exists to ensure that no animal is denied quality of life. We can’t succeed alone, and need the support of community members like you to really make a significant impact. Learn more about our work and how you can get involved.


Our Work

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Helping Those in Need

Found in Thyme has been rescuing farm animals in need since 2017 from abuse, neglect and abandonment situations


Speaking Out Against Animal Cruelty

With this initiative, our goal is to support the welfare of animals in need. With the support of our dedicated community, our Advocacy efforts go a long way. Learn more about this initiative and how you can help.



Animals often times arrive to the sanctuary in terrible health, sometimes with life-threatening medical conditions. It is Found in Thyme's mission to provide the best possible care we can.

Adoption programs

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Many of the animals here are available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting an animal from the sanctuary, please find adoption forms below


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What's new on the Sanctuary

We're gearing up for Spring on the Sanctuary!

Good morning! We wanted to give a few updates on the sanctuary as we gear up to emerge from a pretty frigid winter.

Spring is just around the corner and we’re so excited for the warmer weather! We’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries lately about private tours. We still have quite a bit of snow and ice on the property, so we will be opening back up for the tours in April...hopefully we can hit some consistently warmer weather by then! Stay tuned for an official date for resuming tours. Please note that we are taking precautions again with COVID this year. We ask that visitors under 2 years of age wear a face covering and be mindful of social distancing.

We will be sharing 2 fundraisers shortly. One is for our annual winter clean up and will cover property maintenance, spring cleaning and a volunteer event for those interested in donating their time. The other is our annual spring trims fundraiser that will cover pedicures for our horses, pigs and a few goats that do not enjoy having their feet trimmed! Both of these fundraisers are very important to maintaining the sanctuary and keeping our animals healthy and safe!

We hope everyone is warm, safe and healthy and once again we appreciate everyone’s love and support as we continue on with our mission!

dale bunny ears.jpg

Congratulations Charlotte!

October 7th Charlotte welcomed eleven piglets into the world! She did a great job and has been a wonderful mother to all eleven. Please join us in welcoming Acorn, Cider, Maple, Clove, Apple, Chestnut, Raven, Nutmeg, Boo, Cinnamon and Casper! We are so proud of Mama who continues to take such good care of her piglets!

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Looking for a warm hoodie, a cozy tee or a practical tote? Check out Found in Thyme's apparel on Bonfire. Each purchase gives back to the sanctuary and helps us feed and care for all of our friends here!

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